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Who We Are

Shay as a young man, helped his dad who worked as a Merchandise Supplier. Enthralled with the whole idea in the merchandise industry, wholesalers and retailers and end users, he surprised his father with his input, Eventually, after a few years, Shay grew up the ladder all by himself, and launch his own Supplier Company.

In 2012, he established “Duo Supplier”, which blossomed with the excellent customer service. And strong commitment and trustworthy business relationships. We ship Free within the USA


What We Do

“Duo Supplier” has something for everyone, wholesalers, retailers, and end users. every day. You can shop at your convenience, by item, by pallet, or by container, for  same great prices.

We stock Electronics, Sports and Outdoors, Home & Kitchen, Toys and Games, Health & Beauty & much more. We’re proud to supply and work with top brands like, B&H Video – Amazon – Walgreen’s – Costco – -Groupon, and many more brands. We’re looking forward to serving you today.

Why Duo Supplier

“Duo Supplier” success as a company relies on the personal relationship with our customers and vendors. We start our day with a fresh start every day, with all new and exciting products.

At “Duo Supplier” we are able to sell our favorite merchandises for wholesalers as well for retailers at approx. same pricing, because we get it for cheap from our manufactures. take Advantage of this great services and products.

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Our Guarantee

Our Guarantee

The hallmark of Duo Supplier is its dedication to developing long-term relationships with both customers and vendors through reliable delivery of services and products. At Duo Supplier we keep our promises.